Some of the products we offer...

This is the Vision Super-Log. Log-Periodic aerials are now the recommended antenna for most zones in the Crystal Palace transmission path. Apart from the technical advantages, they also benefit from a low wind load.
This is a Labgear Tri-fold High gain (16.5db) aerial. CAI approved and is powerful enough for loft or outdoor use.
The introduction of Pro range cameras featuring the amazing Sony Effio-E digital signal processor represents a huge step forward in CCTV image quality.
This is a Labgear 60cm satellite dish and is often used to replace the Sky 60cm dish.

Cable can be the make or break of an effective digital system.  It's pointless having a good aerial / dish only to lose excessive amounts of hard-earned signal down the line to your equipment.  This, we believe is "The Daddy".  Known as PF100, it boasts a 1mm bare copper inner conductor with a gas-injected foam-core dielectric, and is approved by the CAI and British Standards.  It uses MYLAR together with bare copper in the braiding to enhance durability and prevent cracking in outdoor situations.

This is what an engineer would see in the screen of a digital scanning meter.  The numbers on the left are the multiplex carriers, the P, the M, and the F indicate "Pass", "Marginal", or "Fail", and the numbers to the right of the screen are the actual signal strengths (in dB) for each multiplex scanned.  Each multiplex (or MUX) carries many TV channels.  For example, in the Thurrock area MUX #1 (Ch25) carries BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, CBBC, BBC News, BBC Red Button.

This diagram illustrates the immense potential of digital technology.  It is possible to integrate the distribution of several viewing locations from a wide range of digital signals.  The diagram does show a VCR.  Don't worry if your VCR does not record Digital signals........They don't!


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