New Installations Supply & Fit Pricing

High gain or Log-Periodic CAI approved aerial + standard fitting to chimney, wall, or loft including cabling with WF-100 double-shielded co-axial downlead. Plus digitally scanning the resultant multiplex carrier channels and issuing a written certificate of signal strength for the customer’s records. Priced according to the options below:

Option 1: To one TV position where no extra amplification is required £139
Option 2: To one TV position in [rare] extremely weak reception areas where amplification of the signal is required £173
Option 3: To two TV positions in particularly strong signal areas where the signal can be divided using a passive low-loss splitter £199
Option 4: To two TV positions using a distribution amplifier sited close to the antenna and a remote power supply unit [P.S.U.] £219.65
Option 5: As “Option 4” but running to three TV positions £256.65
Option 6: As “Option 4” but running to four TV positions £294.65
Option 7: As “Option 4” but running to five TV positions £339.65
Option 8: As “Option 4” but running to six TV positions £379.65


Don’t forget, All the above prices are fully inclusive of all parts and labour with no hidden costs!

Servicing / Upgrading Existing Systems

Our call-out charge which also includes the first hour’s labour is £55.00 Subsequent labour [if needed] is charged at £19.00 per half-hour.

These labour charges are exclusive of any parts required. Examples of the extensive range of parts available are listed below. If the part you are seeking is not listed, please contact us for clarification. Thank you.

High gain Aerial £49.99 1-Way Distribution Amplifier [Sited close to aerial £19.90
Log-Periodic Aerial £39.99 2-Way Distribution Amplifier [Sited close to aerial] £21.90
H.D. Chimney Fixing £19.90 4-Way Distribution Amplifier [Sited close to aerial] £24.90
Extra H.D. Chimney Fixing £24.90 5-Way Distribution Amplifier [Sited close to aerial] £34.99
Standard Wall Fixing £7.99 6-Way Distribution Amplifier [Sited close to aerial] £37.90
H.D. [18”] Wall Fixing £14.99 8-Way Distribution Amplifier [Sited close to aerial] £42.90
H.D. [24”] Wall Fixing £19.99 Power Supply Unit for any of the above amplifiers £13.90
F Plug for RG6 / WF100 £0.99 2-Way Passive [un-amplified] splitter [indoor] £4.99
Co-Axial RG6 [metre] £0.99 3-Way Passive [un-amplified] splitter [indoor] £6.99
Co-Axial WF-100 [metre] £1.25 2-Way Passive [un-amplified] splitter [masthead] £12.99
Mast 6’ x 1.25” Straight £9.99 3-Way Passive [un-amplified] splitter [masthead] £14.99
Mast 6’ x 1.25” Cranked £10.99 4-Way Passive [un-amplified] splitter [masthead] £16.99
Mast 10’ x 1.50” Straight £16.99 Sat. Dish 80cm Mesh Type Issy YSA80m £59.99
Mast 16’ x 2.00” Straight £43.99 LNB Quattro Vision V85401QT 10-23vDC@90mA £18.90


CCTV Prices

Spy unto others... Before they spy unto you!

These prices can be used to give you an approximate idea of our charges. there are many options and variables in the world of CCTV, making one of our no-obligation surveys a good starting place!

The pricing does not include a monitor as many customers choose to view the images on their TV's or an existing computer VGA monitor,. However, the pricing does include the cameras' recording equipment (DVR), and at CCTV-Fixers we ensure the DVR comes complete with an installed Hard Disk Drive of up to 3TB.

Our I.T. guy can also set up your iPhone so that you can view your CCTV images virtually anywhere in the world. The main issues that affect the pricing are the accessibility of the proposed cable runs (including router and computer Ethernets & monitor VGA's) and possible trunking / conduit requirements.

Monitor prices are shown further down this page. All prices are in GBP with no VAT to add.

At last... It's cool to be nosey!

HD-TVi systems

As from February 2018, we are no longer installing High Resolution or Ultra High Resolution systems due to the fact that the VASTLY superior HD-TVi systems are now available at extremely competitive prices when compared to a couple of years ago.

The guideline prices shown here on the right, are for complete HD-TVi systems including cameras, DVR, Hard Disk Drive, professional cabling, all labour costs, together with twelve months full parts and labour warranty.




1 1 TB £599
2 1 TB £899
3 1 TB £1,097
4 1 TB £1,295
5 2 TB £1,597
6 2 TB £1,795
7 2 TB £1,993
8 2 TB £2,191
9 4 TB £2,499
10 4 TB £2,697
11 4 TB £2,895
12 4 TB £3,093
13 4 TB £3,291
14 4 TB £3,489
15 4 TB £3,687
16 4 TB £3,885

However, there are some things that money just can't buy!
Our "CCTV-Fixers" vinyl window decal is a prime example. Only our customers are allocated these little treasures!

The above prices can be used as a guideline, as all CCTV installations are customised to suit each customer and premises.  The main factor that affects quotations is how we can run the cables from cameras to DVR.  Below is an explanation of the price descriptions: - The meanings of any words or abbreviations highlighted in green can be found under the heading WHAT SOME OF THE TECHNICAL STUFF ACTUALLY MEANS.

HIGH RES:  This is our HIGH RESOLUTION analogue system.  The cameras are of a D1 specification which delivers four time more video quality than standard resolution which is known as CIF.  The DVR will also be capable of recording the camera images in D1 quality.

U HIGH RES: This is our Ultra-high Resolution analogue system.  The cameras are of a 960H specification which delivers approximately 33% more video quality than D1.  The DVR will also be capable of recording the camera images in 960H quality.

HD-TVi:  This is High Definition Transport Video Interface.  This innovation recently launched in the USA has made true 1080P-HD video surveillance a totally affordable option to give our customers crystal clear images of their property.  The cameras will all offer Full HD 1080 Display.  The DVR will be able to record and playback at full 1080p quality.  If you already have a professionally installed analogue system we can offer you a quotation to upgrade it to HD-TVi.  This will be considerably less expensive than our listed guideline prices as we can use the same cable runs.

If required, we can install a microphone covertly alongside one of your cameras to offer the option of audio recording and playback on one channel of your DVR.

We can also supply and install covert video surveillance systems which protect vulnerable persons and businesses.

What some of the technical stuff actually means!

Term Meaning

Charge Coupled Device - A type of camera image sensor.


Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor - A type of camera image sensor


Digital Video Recorder - This is the device that is the nerve centre of the system.  It records the images from the cameras on to a Hard Disk Drive, and can be used to connect to a router for networking on to iPhones etc.


Phase Alternation Line - The television standard used in the UK, Europe and Australia.  It defines a standard definition television as 704 x 576 pixel s at approximately 25 fps [frames per second].


Common Interface Format - A standard resolution specification relating to a DVR.  It is one quarter the size of a standard definition television picture, which in the UK operating on the PAL system equates to 353 x 288.  Although CIF offers the most recording time it cannot offer the same detail of recording as the D1 format [see below]


In simple terms, it is approximately 4 times higher imaging resolution than CIF.  So if a DVR resolution is advertised at 4 CIF, then it is the same as D1 [PAL @ 704 x 576].


This configuration offers approximately 33% more video than D1


Launched in California during 2014, it is HIGH DEFINITION TRANSPORT VIDEO INTERFACE and it has made true High Definition video surveillance totally affordable.  Only a year or so ago true HD surveillance was probably only an option for banks and high security premises etc. However, as from the start of 2015, HD-TVi is on average less than 10% more expensive than the analogue 960H but the quality can be compared to Blu-ray!


This is the unit of light measurement that CCTV camera manufacturers use to specify at what illumination levels their products will operate.  In everyday terms 0.1 Lux is comparable to the light from a full moon, and 100,000 Lux is direct sunlight.  So the lower the Lux specification, the higher the sensitivity of the camera, and consequently the better the night vision.


Video Graphics Array - A video output port on the DVR which connects to a monitor or a high definition television. It supports much higher resolutions than standard composite video outputs.


Television Lines - Back in the early 60's before UHF television, there were 405 television lines being transmitted on VHF.  When UHF television started it was on 625 television lines.  So a camera with a specification of 420 TVL is reasonable, 600 TVL is very good, and 700 TVL is ultra high resolution.  The difference is almost logarithmic, so a 700 TVL camera offers nearly double the quality of a 600 TVL.


Pan - Tilt - Zoom - The ability of a camera lens to be controlled from a DVR [with PTZ function] to be moved left-to-right, up and down, and to zoom in to an incident.  It is also possible to purchase cameras that can be zoomed and re-focused at the time of an installation.


1 Terabyte - [Equiv. to 1,000 gigabytes].  First of all a "byte" is a unit of storage used when describing hard disk drives on computers etc.  The greater the bytes, the great the storage capacity.  A reasonable DVR will have a 500 gigabyte hard disk drive [which is half of 1 terabyte].  A very good DVR will have a 1TB [1 Terabyte] capacity, then the really serious stuff has 2TB or even greater capacities.


Don't forget, you may not need a dedicated monitor as we can usually feed your CCTV signals into a spare source input in your television. Monitor prices are very much affected by whether or not they have multiple/loop inputs. For example VGA, HDMI, BNC, S-Video, BNC, RCA/Phono etc. That's why the size of the screen doesn't determine the monitor price. If you decide on purchasing a monitor from us, we will ensure the connectivity matches the DVR output.

Guideline Prices... 15.6" £170..........17" £159..........22" £199..........27" £369

Always remember that your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) will be running 24 hours per day so it's definitely not a good idea to lock it away in a cupboard if you are concerned that a possible burglar might steal it... In fact doing so would probably 'cook' it and would certainly void the warranty. We can supply and fit a 'Kitvault' lockable steel DVR safe that is fan cooled for £189 (if installed at the same time as fitting your DVR).

Always ask us if we supply equipment/services other than what we have already mentioned. For example we offer PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, video door entry systems, non-DVR camera installations, Yale and Sentry safe installations, and the setting up of Computers & iPhones for networking etc.

All prices on this list applicable to transactions dated post 13-Feb-2018 and are subject to change without notice.

For other services not listed, for example combining TV Aerial and Satellite signals to additional rooms, please contact us for a free on-site quotation. Thank you.

Essex Police have used our CCTV recordings!



The following safe prices all include delivery and fixing by way of high-tensile stainless steel rawl bolts into a concrete floor:


Yale Certified Home Security Safe
18.6 litre capacity
External Dimensions: W350 x D300 x H250

S2. Sentry Electronic Fire Safe
22.8 litre capacity
External Dimensions: W414 x D491 x H348

Sentry Water Resistant Electronic Fire Safe
33.6 litre capacity
External Dimensions: W415 x D491 x H453
Certified fire-rated A4 documents for 120 mins.
Protects USB drives up to 1010c


Sentry Advanced Lock Water Resistant Fire Safe
56.6 litre capacity
External Dimensions: W390 x D4101 x H607
Certified fire-rated A4 documents for 120 mins.
Protects USB drives up to 1010c



If you choose to have your safe installed whilst we are installing your CCTV, we'll give you a massive 21% discount on these prices!