Frequently Asked Questions


What areas do you cover?

The whole of the Thurock, Havering, Basildon, Brentwood, Billericay, and Dagenham areas.

Why is Digital better than Analogue?

Analogue picture resolution is around 396 x 529 = 210,000 pixels.
Digital picture resolution is around 720 x 576 = 414,720 pixels.
Analogue (Non-Nicam) sound is often poor.
Digital sound has near-CD quality.
Digitally received pictures do not "Ghost" or "Snow"

What does HDMI stand for?

High Definition Media Interface.

What is a Loft Box?

A unit containing all the devices commonly needed for the reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite (and CCTV if required) services within the home.

Is it really that important to only use high quality co-axial cable?

Very much so. For example, if an aerial was gathering 65dB of power, then a pretty good cable might lose 10dB of that power down the line. An inferior cable could possibly lose 20dB. We only use CAI / Benchmark approved double-shielded low-loss cable e.g. PF-100 or WF-100.

I can receive pretty good quality digital pictures using my old TV aerial that I have had for some time. Do I need to get a new one for switchover time?

No. Even some of the cheap old contract UHF aerials (The sort with a small pressed aluminium reflector at the cable end) are receiving digital OK!

Can my VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) record Digital TV?

No. However, some of the more expensive Freeview boxes do have a recording facility. Some can record two programmes simultaneously.

What is the difference between a Freeview Aerial and a Digital Aerial?

Stricly speaking there is no such thing as either! However, there are Digital Compatible Aerials which we install as standard. Also known as C.A.I. or Benchmark approved.

Is it possible to somehow link my satellite and digital terrestrial signals?

Yes. These days even a digital CCTV security surveillance system can be added.

Do you take Debit or Credit Cards, and if so, is there a surcharge?

We accept all major Debit and Credit Cards including American Express. We do not add any surcharges to take a payment by means of a Debit or Credit Card. All transactions will show on your statement as Potter-Yallop Holdings.

What other businesses does Potter-Yallop Holdings control?

The websites are: