CCTV Camera Surveillance

CCTV Systems can be historically compared to employing a cleaning company.. A good few years ago not many families would have employed a cleaning company or have had the peace of mind of a CCTV system but today they're both an affordable and realistic option.

A modern CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system consists of CCTV cameras and a digital video recorder (more commonly called a DVR). The images can be viewed on a display monitor and/or the home TV anywhere in the home. Optional upgrades include infra-red night vision, long range zoom cameras, movement activated recording, email alerts, internet and smartphone viewing, etc.

dome camera dvr dvr
As far as functionality is concerned they are extremely similar. The bullet can have a longer range and the dome is more vandal resistant when sited closer to ground level. (Digital Video Recorder) The nerve centre of your system. It receives and records the camera signals ready for playback or optional networking. If you have gone for the networking option, you can now 'View your home on your phone'. Also on laptops, etc.


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Essex Police have used our CCTV recordings!

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