Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The Crystal Palace transmitter [which the majority of people in our area use to receive TV signals] is now totally Digital. With the two big multiplex re-shuffles of 4th and 18th April 2012 now behind us, the many benefits of Digital TV can now be enjoyed.

Loads more channels on Freeview including the “+1” programmes where you can watch a programme running one hour behind so that if your two favourite programmes clash, it’s possible to watch them one after the other!

Save Money!
Also many people pay considerable monthly subscriptions to satellite or cable companies purely to take advantage of their Hi-Tech boxes. These boxes offer the facility to pause live TV, record many hours of programming, and show “picture in picture” on screen.

With the arrival of Digital TV it’s now possible to purchase a similar device [namely a “PVR FREEVIEW+ BOX] that will enable all of those features without the need for any contract. Once you’ve purchased the box that’s it! We think some of the better ones are the “SAMSUNG FREEVIEW+ BD-DT7800” and the “SONY FREEVIEW+ SVRHDT500”

By the way,…….We don’t stock these boxes so we’re not trying to sell you one!

If your present picture is freezing intermittently, or you feel you're not getting all the available Freeview channels especially HD, then this does indicate an aerial reception issue.

Aerial Fixers can digitally scan your existing system to find out exactly where the problem lies. We can then offer you a quotation to fix the problem.

Remember, we will not simply offer you a new installation as a matter of course. For example it might only be your cable that needs upgrading to benchmark quality.

*Don't forget, at Aerial Fixers we offer Quotations and NOT Estimates.

aerialOn the left is a picture of a test installation that we carried out in the Thurrock area in 2011. It shows two C.A.I. approved high gain aerials set to the Crystal Palace Transmitter mounted on a standard chimney mast at approximately 10 metres. The top aerial is an Antiference Log-Periodic Aerial. The one underneath is a Labgear Tri-fold. We then compared the respective signal strength readouts in dBuV across the six Standard Definition Multiplexes and the High Definition Multiplex in both passive and amplified modes.

We have been able to use the results of this test (along with the Wolfbane Grid Reference Predictor) to assist the selection of the best possible aerial for a specific location.